5 Reasons To Practice Visualization Even If Law of Attraction Stories Seem Bogus.

Law of Attraction stories..we’ve all heard about them. From the bloke who was homeless and is now there in his garage with his new Lamborghini in the Hollywood Hills to the sketchy people on TV saying how they just visualized it and worked towards it and manifested money and now they’re sitting on the sofa they visualized 10 years ago. It all seems like they got lucky and are just trying to get more credit. I myself am a firm believer in visualization and the law of attraction because I have seen it work in my personal life. But regardless of your stance on the Law of Attraction I am going to give you 5 practical benefits for practicing visualization. Even if you don’t somehow end up taking selfies with the queen wearing a cow suit (dont judge me) you’ll still gain quite a bit of good.raise-your-vibration-law-of-attraction-c

1. You’ll gain peace of mind, happiness, bliss..and be saved from a broken nose

Now I don’t know about you but when there is that one client that hires you for advice and then does the exact opposite and expects you to fix it, visualizing yourself on the beach with a beautiful woman seems a lot more appealing (and less painful too) than repeatedly slamming your face against the desk at a high velocity. Now, there are a lot of different visualization methods but a popular one is watching videos with subliminal affirmations and visual ones along with brain waves. Even if it sounds like Pseudoscience it’s actually pretty effective. For example, Alpha waves help you feel more relaxed and reduce stress. There’s all kinds of waves that have different purposes. And the effective videos combine them with affirmations and imagery to actually make it a very potent stress relief. There’s even some for self confidence and quitting cigarettes. Literally anything you want to see yourself doing or achieving..there’s probably a video for that.


2. You’ll know what you want and get some idea on how to get it.

This might seem a bit obvious but if you’re going to visualize your dream life eating cheerios by your pet tiger; I can safely assume you love tigers and cheerios…and have a death wish. Jokes aside, this is actually more insightful than you think. Think of your dream life right now..will you be married? what will your spouse be like? will you have your own business? what will your business be about? Turns out really focusing on detail no matter how crazy your dream life seems…might actually give you some ideas on who you are, what you want, and what you can do right now to start achieving those goals.


3. You increase focus and your ability to concentrate.

Thinking about your dream self dancing at your wedding with that dream girl/guy requires effort. And its actually not at all a wasted one. Because by thinking about that dance and holding your partner while smugly staring at that aunt who always said you’d be single improves your ability to focus overall. If you can do it for only 10 seconds now without getting distracted, you’ll soon find that with repeated practice you can now do it the entire duration it takes for your minute ramen to cook.


4. You can actually improve that golf swing…

Turns out our subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between made up and real. Meaning that if you visualize that perfect golf stroke over and over again odds are you’ll actually improve. Now im not saying that you’ll become Tiger Woods in one day without ever touching a golf club. But it seems visualization has been shown to benefit. Even Michael Jordan visualized himself taking the shot before he too the shot and we are all reminded by how great he is one 120$ pair of shoes at a time. Its proven that in athletes visualizing sprinting actually fires up their muscles and causes twitching.


5. It will give you something to look forward too.

If you let it, your visualization meditation ritual could actually give you something to look forward to. After a long day of work there really can’t be any harm in just letting go of it all and being in another place (that might actually happen one day!). Visualization, regardless of how you do it watching a video or not can actually be quite refreshing. You’ll soon find yourself smiling at the thought of going home and just sitting in your SpongeBob pajamas sipping on hot cocoa while you are taken away by a beautiful video. This can help immensely with depression and loneliness and other negative mindsets. It will build discipline and make you more in touch with yourself not a bad deal at all right?


BONUS: 6. You might actually get it…

As crazy and vivid and far away that dream mansion seems. There are alot of success stories out there..and even if there is a 1% chance you might actually manifest money or manifest love or whatever it is taht you want..seems like a pretty harmless try right? I mean people buy lottery tickets that have a .0001% chance of winning so by those standards visualization is your golden ticket.


So now you’re convinced and want to know where to start?

Truth is there are tons of ways to do visualization. There’s information out there and lots of it. I could try and explain a few methods but in text format? It’s really not going to help. I would recommend starting off with visualization videos..especially the ones that have binaural beats. They are all over youtube and they’re quite decent. If you want a more professional and guided course style way to do it i would recommend Abundant Mind. You can check them out here

In conclusion, there are TONS of law of attraction success stories out there. People saying how they used visualization techniques and suddenly they find out that they are well on their way to getting it. As I said before I personally have experienced the success by starting off with something small. I visualized myself to be accepted and studying in the dream university of mine. And despite my bad writing skills (as you can probably tell from this article) and falling severely sick but forced to give exams…here i am attending the university. Call it luck or call it hard work I truly believe that visualization helped me get here.